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Tasty Goodness saves the day

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So I'm sure by now, ya'll know that I'm allergic to a lot of things as well as His Tallest has stomach issues. This causes a little bit of troubles in the cooking department because nor I or His Tallest can have lactose products and His Tallest has issues with sugar. No cheese, no milk, little or no sugar and NO equal or sugar twin(because I hate those sugar alternatives living most of my life with a diabetic I hate to put up with them *yuck*.) For my Winter Solstice present, His Tallest got me this. It is the most awesome cookbook I own at this point. Even if you are not vegan it's fantastic, especially if you like to eat healthy, but tasty food. I've made a few recipes in this book and even feed them to vegan food haters (now ex-vegan food haters!) I'm not vegan, I eat meat (not much, but won't give it up), seafood and eggs; however due to the food restrictions this is the perfect gift because I love to cook and sometimes a girl doesn't want to be messing with a recipe and a whole lots of substituting.

Lately I've felt and been acting like a beast. I'm having issues dealing with most of the general public and getting really sick of being asked at least 6 or more times in a hour if I'm training my guide dog, even using a magnifer or reading something a few millimeters from my face!!!! I want to scream and it makes me really angry, plus gives me a bad case of agoraphobia. So today I turned on my magical dinosaur (my ancient 2nd gen iPod) who plays music that I need to hear and made some banana wheat germ muffins from Vegancomicon. I swear the shuffle in iPods are psychic! I feel so much better -- music and tasty food. Now I'm just sitting here all mellow and happy listening to music and posting here. The muffins should be cooled down soon and I'm enjoying my favourite tea from T, vanilla bean black tea (sweet hot goodness). I need to remember to throw on my headphones and blast music, while baking or out and about more often. It's so good for my soul, without this I'd go insane!! Between the weather here and dealing with the general masses while out with my guide doggy I swear I'll be committed if I don't find some downtime to relax and destress.

Jan. 3rd, 2008

death, happy

70 / 104 read in 2007. 67% of goal reached! (here's the list of books I read)

So this is what I reached on my reading goal this year. Going to guide dog school and the brief month or two in school slowed me down. Not to mention there have been more audiobooks in my reading, so I can knit at the same time. I love audiobooks but they are a little slow and I really should look into using the CNIB's library to get daisy books and speed up the reader a little.

I haven't been here much this year, here as in LJ-land and I decided to go back to a non-paying account. I'm not really sure if I'm going to continue writing here and you all are welcome to come visit my knitting blog, it's here I am in the progress of moving to wordpress under a different name and I think I will be making it a personal and knitting blog or might have two blogs I'm not sure. I am trying to limit my internet time and between Ravelry, knit blogs, regular blogs and livejournal I wasn't getting much done IRL. Feel free to e-mail me to chat because I miss all of you and reading about what is on your mind and going on in your daily lives. I may decide to post her once a week though it depends on how life goes.

As for me and Maylee, we are doing fine. Her allergies have died down and it seems like seasonal allergies than year-around, which is nice. I on the other hand still have both seasonal and year-around allergies and am continuing to go to the doctor every week to get my allergy shot. I've noticed a little bit of a difference with my allergy shots and my dosage keeps getting stronger every week as long as I don't have a strong reaction to the shot.

Yes my life has become a little boring and quiet. I like it, it's nice. I'm getting out to knitting meetups at least one or twice a month and I'm thinking of taking a fun class instead of going back into academics right now. I've found that I have to avoid stress because that is what is really causing health issues with me and making life worse. I'm going to look into taking yoga classes. I loved yoga classes at guide dog school and have been wanting to find a class to join since I graduated with Maylee. So this year I'm focusing in enjoying life and maintaining good mental and physical health before I get back into the "real" world. Who knows, I might decide to stay out of the rat race completely and just do volunteer work. big hugs to everyone and happy new year!!

Oh the craziness

So due to health reason mainly allergies I'm withdrawing from my classes for a while. There are so my smells my body is deeming alien like smelly shampoos that it's making sitting in a small computer lab with people who love scents a big issue. Our classroom has a no-scents policy, but it's still no good really. There's only so much you can do really especially if a few students hold on to their favourite smelly shampoo or hair product. I'm not the only student in the classroom who has issues like this, but I'm the only one to speak up about it; however I've been having serious issues with catching cold after cold and my allergies have been a little irritated probably due to my weekly allergy shot and dealing with the world's love affair with stinky smelly scents.

I'm going to have loads of time on my hands for a bit again and even though I dreaded it before, frankly I'm looking forward to it. I am planning on taking up yoga again and getting my house back up to environmental control standards since everything has been a little crazy due to school and dealing with feeling shitty all the time again. I'm looking forward to nice long walks with Maylee in the chilly, yet beautiful days to come hopefully there will be some more non-rainy days to come.

Since it's that month that would-be writers hide in front of their laptops and notebooks planning and writing a 50, 000 word story/book in a month. I'm a joining them, but in a different way this year instead of blogging every day I'm taking the NaKniSweMo Challenge. That's right, I'm going to try to knit a 50,000 stitch or more sweater in a month! I'm going to make it considering I'll have loads of time on my hands and His Tallest is leaving on a business trip to China for three whole weeks! If you want to read more about it, check out my knitting blog.

Also see what Mini-me was for Halloween... I'm made the scarf for her in about two weeks! Very cool, clicky here.

Do no harm

obey the fist!!, frustrated
Do no harm. Many doctor's swear to do just this; however there are some out there that believe educating the young about sexual health and pregnancy prevention is doing harm to them. Not educating our children about sexual health, safe sex, birth control options and providing a safe, healthy, free and private environment to see a doctor in regards to these issues causes much more harm than good. When many people out there think of Planned Parenthood they automatically think abortion not the important services available to their clients. Despite PP's many campaigns to educate the general public about their services, too many people remain ignorant and fight to shut down places that provide healthcare to females of all ages, races and income groups for no or minium cost. It's like there is this idea that if we don't talk about woman's health, then teenager females won't menstrate, have sex and reproduce. If they don't know about their body and told sex is evil and bad (throw masterbation or for those who don't like that word how about self-sexual stimulation in there as well), then it won't happen. It.Does.Not.Work Hiding the truth only makes it worse really.

For years I've been helping by educating people exactly what Planned Parenthood provides to their clients. I didn't know about the youth clinc in my area or PP and the fact that they offered birth control when I became sexually active at 15 and running out of condoms did not stop my sexual partner at the time to forcing me to have sex with him. The result of my lack of sexual education, being from a low-income family, naive and low self-esteem I became a mother at the age of 16. Since having my daughter, whom I love dearly, I've become highly educationed in my sexual health including forms of birth control and sexual diseases. This is due to the local walk-in youth clinc (and their fantastic volunteer staff) that is very much like PP for youth of all incomes I've avoided having any more unwanted pregnancies and contracting any sexual diseases. Many people are trying to ban PP and other clincs like it saying that it causes young girls and woman to be sexual active (OMG what ignorance). If these clincs were closed there would be more unwanted pregnancies as well as people with sexual diseases not only for teenage girls, but woman of all ages that depend on them for their birth control of choice as well as sexual health check-ups who are not able to afford to go to a OB-Gyn or GP and/or do not have the funds to get birth control options of all kinds on their own.

I read a post by a medical student who was doing a OB-Gyn rotation at PP and wanted to share it with you all. Read Graham's post here.

what can I say...

Well it's been a long while since I've spew my thoughts into LJ. Sorry folks what can I say...hibernation is good; however I have missed many of you out their in LJ land. Hmm, what is life like right now. Cold, wet and making me want to hide in a warm dark hole with lots of books, tea (and coffee), knitting, cuddling with Maylee and His Tallest, anime and some audiobooks. I can't do this though because May needs to be worked, Mini-me needs some love and someone to direct her new-found teenage attitude at and school to attend. Oh and don't forget evil allergy shots to take every single frackin' week!

In other news, I've only finished approx. 51 books so far this year. I'm not going to make this years goal; however it was set without knowing that I'd be going to guide dog school then back to school as well.

May's good. Since the sun has only made a few appearances this month, she is not as itchy. I'm working on fixing a sniffing problem with our Field Manager that she has developed recently. She's a really happy cuddly ball of hyperactivity despite the suspected allergies. She loves going to school and seeing the other working guide dog teams as well as going everywhere else with me. I've noticed she's been looking at her life jacket like she wants to go canoeing again or maybe she just loved the fireplace at the cabin so much that she wants to go back, but I think I'll wait till the many months of rain season is behind us once again. I can't believe it's been almost six months since our graduation from guide dog school already, the days are going by very fast.

Well it's late and I have class tomorrow. Everyone take care and once I get a chance I'll do some reading of my f-list. If you want to share news with me before then don't hesitate to e-mail me!

Catching up on lost time

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Hi all, school has sucked up all my free time and all the free time that I has been sucked up by cleaning, other chores, knitting and reading. I've noticed that I've been posting a lot more on my knitting blog than here. I tend to go into phases where I become a hermit and internalize all my time and feelings. This phase can be a good thing for me at times, but other times when I really need to get some of these feelings out it can be a little destructive because I hold them in till the explode or implode depending on the situation.

I'm getting allergy shots every Tuesday and I can't wait till I get to the monthly shots! It's going to take a long time to find out if they are going to work; however if they do all this time will be well worth it. I stayed home from class yesterday because of these wonderful allergy symptoms that have been making a on-coming cold symptoms even worse! I'm hoping some the r&r today and yesterday will help. All this staying inside and not going out for long walks or going to school is making my guide dog, May a little ball of energy that needs to be released via play or working or walking, so I've been trying to play with her to help her get out this pent up energy. Right now she is curled up in a ball at my feet, which is very good. Today I have to go to my doctor's to get my allergy shot this afternoon, so she will get some working in today.

I'm realizing I won't make my book goal since I only have 3 months left and here's where I am
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
47 / 104

Reading goes a lot more slowly now that I have Maylee and I'm mostly listening to audio books instead of reading books, also the series I'm reading right now by Sergei Lukyanenko. Some of you may have watched the movie Night Watch if you enjoyed it read the books, so far three out of four written have been translated from Russian to English (Night Watch, Day Watch and Twilight (Dusk) Watch with Final Watch being translated soon.) I'm currently in the middle of Day Watch and I enjoy the gritty background and attitudes of the characters as you learn about the Dark and Light others as well at both Watches.

Our trip to Galiano was lots of fun! I have to write a letter of complaint against these horrible dog owners though. I was stuck in the cabin a lot and on our property because there is this aggressive dog that the owners let loose on the Point without any supervision even though there is a leash law in effect. This dog attacked me and May when I was working her and it wasn't fun, the owners where not in screaming distance and screaming on the Point where our cabin as well as many other lots are located echoes like no tomorrow. Later that day, His Tallest was accosted by this dog because it was sitting at the gate to the front our cabin hoping that me and May would come back out and the one of the owners of the dog finally came and got it. He had some words with her and she refused to acknowledge that her dog was bullying a working guide dog team and the police would come if we called them if we found the dog on the Point without leash or owners again. I talked to my m-in-law who works for the counsel there and she said that's not true the RCMP would come to the Point when called in for a complaint, so next time I'm going to carry my camera and cellphone with the RCMP number plugged in on voice dial as well as write this letter about the incident on the long weekend. Despite these incidents we had a good time and tried not to let it ruin our weekend, but it did prevent me from wondering around the Point with my guide dog, so May and I didn't have much of a good time as we would have had if we weren't worried about being accosted by this dog. Another note about this dog, it bite a child the weekend before we had gone to the cabin, yet the owner believes that her dog is not aggressive and it's perfectly fine to leave it to wonder around the Point itself! I don't really blame the dog, I completely blame the irresponsible dog owner and poor training of their pet on their part!

Click here to see pictures of our trip including some of Maylee's first canoe trip!
death, happy
We are off tomorrow to our cabin on Galiano for the long weekend to enjoy the last few days before both mini-me and I head back to school. I'm all registered and paid up for the this the fall semester and I start school on Wednesday *argg* at 8:30 am. Good thing I'm only going 3 days a week, I'm not a morning person and it's a bit of a commute to school; however it's well worth the pain of waking up before the sun to get to classes.

Well today's post is a short one and still no time to read. Hope you all have a great long weekend. bonanzajellybee if you are reading, I finally got myself over to and picked up some Mad Hatter's Tea Party black tea and you are right it's fantastic! I also bought some vanilla bean black tea that mini-me had to have after trying it iced at the tea shop. Very good stuff, I will be heading back some time soon for more.

Broken Shards of Glass

So off to see the head of the program I'm applying for. Funny how it seems like everything being done in get me into this program is very last minute, even though I had contacted her a few months back. She is the one who suggested to contact her the end of August to set up an appointment to get everything in order and so forth.

Grade 7 grad slideshow picture of mini-me head and shoulder shotEveryday I'm see the joys of living with a moody teenager. Mini-me is a little stressed out because she starts high school on the 4th of Sept and it's coming up fast. Oh to be a little fish in the big pond again, lol all I can think of for advice is "just keep swimming, just keep swimming". Why the hell I have Dorie from Finding Nemo stuck in my head I have NO idea. She is off to go to the Fair (PNE) with a friend and her paternal grandma today, but with her attitude I just want to ground her for ever. I recall being sullen and mouthy, but I do remember that I used my increasing lexicon in order to confuse and frustrate my parents as well as hid behind my book most of the time when I was at home. I'm sure once she is adjusted into school and used to the idea that I won't be home for her all the time, things will be a bit easier. *sigh* Oh my the grow up fast.